If you're here for Redfish, lucky you! This saltwater fishery offers so much more, from its intimate waters, back lakes, creeks, and some unbelievably skinny clear water, it can make for a one of a kind "Sight casting" experience here on the middle coast, located in Rockport, Texas. This unique fishery is diverse in habitat and separates itself from other places along the Coastal Bend. It is saturated with Coastal Live Oak Trees, spartina grass and so much more, it holds the largest migratory bird population in the world, such as the endangered Whooping Cranes. There are often Wild hogs cooling off in the mud along the banks as we pole by and the occasional Whitetail deer that enjoys admiring you as you do them. There are many Alligators here that range from all sizes where they occupy small coves and banks that hold fresh water runoffs. There is always a chance of an up-close and personal experience with the wildlife, so don't forget to bring your camera!

      Texas Redfish are a sight to see as they wave their beautiful bright tails that shimmer in the sun or casually swim down a shallow bank waiting for the opportunity to ambush their next meal, hopefully there is a hook in the water and a rod in your hand at that moment. Redfish EATS! its all about the EAT! Redfish are aggressive by nature and can show you their bad attitude at any given time. Because of their impulsiveness it isn't always about WHAT you are throwing at them, but more about how you move the bait that makes them react.


 All gear, flies, lunch and beverages of choice are all provided on the boat at no extra cost to you. Meet time at the boat ramp is typically just before the 8 O'clock AM hour and return around 2 or 3 PM back at the ramp. There will be dry storage on the boat for your personal belongings. If you choose to bring your own rods and gear please limit to 2. Please DO NOT bring any plastic disposables or things that will become trash with you on the boat. I have reusable canteens that I fill with water for drinking and rinsing. This is a CATCH AND RELEASE boat only. If you need any assistance with casting I will be happy to help, this could result in more fish for you.


    To book please Visit the "Book A trip" Tab or better yet give us a call at 361-563-0542